Effortless Vehicle-User Connection

Unlock a hassle-free after-sales experience with Servvus.
Simplify communication, manage service histories, and resolve issues swiftly, keeping your customers satisfied and their vehicles in prime condition.

Addressing Aftersales Anxieties

Integrated Appointment Scheduling
It's like having a personal assistant, but better!

Accept and manage bookings from bike owners seamlessly.

Integrated Support Chat:
Say goodbye to the guessing game!
Tap your smartphone on your bike's NFC tag for instant access to your bike's history, specs, and documents, making every ride a delightful journey down memory lane.

Hassle-Free Support Chat:

No more phone tags—just quick answers and happy customers!
Engage with bike owners and brands for personalized support.

Inventory Management:

Say goodbye to "Out of stock" surprises!
Keep track of your stock effortlessly with our user-friendly feature.

Effortless Shop Management:

No more chaos, your shop, your rules!
Organize tasks with Kanban boards, manage customer interactions with CRM, and communicate efficiently with automatic messaging.

Streamlined Ticket System:

You'll resolve issues in a breeze!
Simplify your warranty claim process. Design ticket forms, automate submissions, and track claims efficiently.

More about Servvus:

A world where managing your bike shop is a breeze. 
Servvus unites bike shops, brands, and bike owners, making your life simpler. You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Got questions? We've got answers!

It’s as easy as pie! Just hit the “Signup!” button, and you’re on your way to a simpler shop management experience.

Absolutely! Our Shop Profile feature lets you showcase your services, expertise, and location to attract more bike owners to your shop.

It’s your direct line to bike owners and brands for personalized support. No more phone tag, just quick answers!

It’s like magic! Keep track of your stock and manage inventory effortlessly with our user-friendly feature.

With Servvus, you can use Kanban boards to organize tasks and manage customer interactions efficiently. It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to your shop’s success.

Absolutely! Our CRM tools enable you to centralize customer data, track interactions, schedule appointments, and deliver personalized communication, fostering strong relationships and loyalty.

The integrated ticketing system simplifies the warranty claim process. You can design customizable ticket forms, automate submissions, and efficiently track and resolve warranty claims.

Your data is as safe as a bike in a garage. We take security seriously and protect your information.

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